Whether you are looking to entertain yourself or others with the quick catch of a panfish, the challenge of the walleye, or the thrill of reeling in a “fighter” like the bass or northern pike, Rush Lake has your fish. The lake is 5,234 acres and is about 68 feet deep at its deepest point. Whether you are fishing in the cold spring waters, warm waters of summer or the fun of winter ice-fishing you will catch fish on Rush Lake. We can point you to the fish but we do recommend if you are unfamiliar with Rush or Ottertail County Lakes, you invest in a guide service at least once. These experienced fishermen will lead you to the fish even when the “prime season” for that variety is not during your vacation stay. By investing in this service it will be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come as you will have been led to your own “lucky” spot and what works for bait. Local guide services well known for their success include:

Bret Setterholm’s guide service @ bretsguideservice.com

Ross Hagemeister’s guide service @ meisterguideservice.com

Randin Olson guide service @ lockjawfishing.com

Any of these guys will enhance your vacation with their professional services. This is an investment that keeps on giving.